Anthia derived from Antheia, the goddess of flowers and nature. Our unique pieces capture the beauty and exquisite detail of nature. At AnthiaJewelry we are well into what we do, which is creating a unique one of a kind piece. Our jewelry is aspired by the beauty of nature and we spend days and hours obsessing about it.

Each piece is handcrafted with care by our artisans to ensure that it is hardy as they are beautiful. Each stone is hand set piece by piece into the jewelry no matter how small the stones are. All the enamel is hand paint into the jewelry no matter how intricate of the detail. We wanted to make sure that all of our customers would want to wear our pieces every day, knowing that they were made with conscious effort and with love and care.

Every piece of jewelry that is completed has been touched, decorated and made by our team of artisans. We source the material by going through the local market, searching through boxes of rough stone to find the color we like and mix and match the stone to create this unique jewelry.